5th July 2020

More than just a food trend, the delicate coloured crystals of this earthy, natural mineral bring to mind long, lazy summer days and the bounty of a seafood harvest. Just add spritzers and timeworn, textured walls.

Inspired by the myriad pink-toned crystals that fill our salt shakers and glow into the evening in healing, gentle night lights, take a turn to nature with interior decorating’s newest trending tone: Rock Salt.

In its purest form and free from environmental pollutants or chemicals, the Himalayan salt crystal is said to relieve stress and neutralise negative energy – just the colour tone to bring a welcome boost to your interior décor.

This delicate, warm pink lends a look of sophistication that works in any room – setting a moody aesthetic that’s calming rather than stuffy and sits as easily in a light and bright outdoor room as it does in a fun and funky teen’s bedroom. Outdoors, the natural graduation of colour works to bring together elements in a simple alfresco table setting – whitewashed walls, rattan furniture and plump, pinky cushions.

The key to embracing this colour is in celebrating its depth. Rough textures play nicely with soft colours to produce a natural ombré effect. Graduating from light to dark pink, think of how beautifully these rosy hues work within a jar of rock salt crystals, or the pop of colour a small pillar of sea salt brings to a table top.

As it’s not a strong hue, what lies beneath is where the magic happens. Layer similar tones and use is as just one element in a larger colour scheme of natural tones – timber tables, marble architectural elements, engineered stone benchtops and terrazzo tiled floors.

How to decorate with Rock Salt:

· Pair with warm metallics such as rose gold and brass for a sophisticated
· Choose other natural finishes of timber, cork and granite to make up your moodboard
· Introduce pops of this earthy tone in bedlinen, accents cushion or velvet upholstery to explore the depth of colour
· Make a statement by painting rendered wall with a soft warm wash of this colour of golden faded roses
· Look to the colour wheel as pink and green are complementary opposites. Pairing rock salt with eucalyptus or sage green tones is a match made in heaven