Transform your spaces indoors and out with these summer styles

It’s not long until the kids are back at school; we’re ready and excited for a new year and a new start. Naturally, it’s the perfect time for a little home improvement!

Perhaps it’s time to update your bedding to something cooler, or maybe you need a little more storage outdoors. Or how about a kitchen transformation into the ultimate coastal farmhouse style?

No matter what you have in mind, you can get ready for the year by restyling, refreshing and reorganising at home. Here are our fresh ideas and advice  to get you started!

Transform your kitchen and living into a coastal farmhouse dream 

The coastal and farmhouse styles intersect perfectly. Think pale, unstained woods, white linen and natural tones. The epitome of coastal styling is a natural hardwood dining table with organic knots and grooves for a slightly ‘unfinished’ look. Coastal living is all about clean white decor and bright, airy spaces, which is why white linen couches are one of the best ways to achieve this look. 

White kitchen cabinets help to create a light and airy atmosphere throughout the home, and build a coastal farmhouse vibe. Get a suite of matching kitchen appliances. We’re loving the trend of chic, retro white goods with shiny, metal highlights. 

We’ve also seen designers start to use a lot of matte black or gold trims through the kitchen. We love this on kitchen hardware like cabinet and drawer handles, tapware and other kitchen accessories. 

Layer the foundations with coastal styling elements which includes anything from pieces of coral to driftwood sculptures, but there are few things that say ‘coastal’ quite like navy blue touches. Look for vases, throw rugs, and even artworks that contain this hue, especially if it is paired with white. 

Beat sleeping in the heat with this summer bedding inspiration

Bamboo sheets are lightweight, ultra-breathable, and moisture-wicking. They are an excellent choice for staying cool on hot summer nights. Combine these with a silk pillowcase and your bedding is set for Summer. A 100% silk pillowcase is naturally cool to the touch for a better night’s sleep. It is also hypoallergenic and can help fight the signs of ageing. 

A latex mattress is recommended if you’re a hot sleeper. There are also plenty of Summer mattress toppers and protectors designed to keep you cool and comfortable. Whilst you’re refreshing your bedding, consider the last time you replaced your pillows. As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended to replace them every 1-2 years. 

To keep your room feeling cool, pack away the heavy winter drapes and install light and airy sheer linen curtains. This lightweight material will give you privacy while allowing the warm light filter through, and offer a luxurious resort-style ambiance to any bedroom. 

A good fan is a lifesafer through the hot summer months, and the technology has come a long way, allowing for cooler rooms without the loud noise. A Dyson cool tower fan is stylish, sleek, cooling, and quiet. 

Love to entertain? Create the perfect outdoor space with a BBQ area and all the added extras

Set up your outdoor BBQ area for a Summer of easy entertaining. At the heart of your outdoor BBQ area is the BBQ island. This large appliance includes the BBQ itself, as well as working and storage space. You can purchase separate modules individually to build your island exactly how you like it, including handy features such as sinks, additional burners, corner pieces, and even island fridges. 

A full suite of BBQ tools will make you feel like the Gordon Ramsay of backyard cooking. Stock up with a couple of tongs, a spatula, scraper, carving knife, kebab skewers, a grill brush, and a basting brush (just for starters). 

A comfortable and welcoming lounge suite will ensure you never cook alone. A sofa and a couple of chairs, as well as an outdoor table for dining, will bring the party outdoors so you can chat and enjoy the company. 

Make your living spaces convenient, exciting and elegant with these smart home ideas

Smart lights have become very popular as they can immediately switch the ambience of any room and create a range of different moods through colour and dimming options. The best part is that you can control all lights individually from your smartphone app. 

A smart vacuum is an essential for smart home living. Simply set your smart vacuum to run once or twice per week, and empty the dust trap as needed. This clever machine will map your home, collecting dust and debris as it goes, drastically cutting down the time you spend sweeping and vacuuming.

A smart home video doorbell allows you to know exactly who is at the door. This nifty gadget is one of the handiest smart home products. You can even see who is at the door even if you’re not home, via your smartphone app.

Make the most out of your outdoor living space with these storage solutions

There are plenty of reasons to need outdoor storage. Whether it’s a few shelves on your apartment balcony, a cabinet to organise your car maintenance products or a shed to hold garden equipment and pool toys, we’ve got plenty of storage solutions available for your lifestyle. 

There are plenty of outdoor storage boxes that have been designed to be simple, effective, and unobtrusive. Opt for a timber box for a natural look, or a painted box for something that fits in with your outdoor furniture and patio. 

An outdoor storage bench is both a large storage box, and a bench with armrests and a seat back for comfortable seating. This is perfect for a space next to a BBQ or fire where you’ll have quick access to the storage and a handy extra seat for guests. 

For the lawnmower, wheelbarrow, and other large garden tools and accessories, you need something bigger than a box. An outdoor storage shed is the easy answer, coming in a range of sizes and colours. A small cabinet is ideal for storing gardening basics such as weed killer, fertiliser, and kneeling pads. 

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